NTK Overview

The NTK-Project is a professional framework that allows developers to create Windows applications by using a simple & efficient programming language that combines an xBase syntax with native Win32 API functions.

Very close to Clipper and Clip4Win, NTK has been especially designed to facilitate migration and maintainance of xBase legacy applications (Dos or Win16), to the Win32/64 platform. Also, NTK is very well suited for porting and modernizing older programs originally written in dBase, dbXL, or Foxpro.   Learn more...

NTK-Project overview.

Seven good reasons to adopt NTK-Project

1. Easy way of programming

NTK-framework renews with the smart and legendary simplicity of the xBase programming paradigm. Plus, it allows the developer to mix both NTKCore & NTKRad development styles. Meanings: capability to insert native orders to Win32 APIs from and within the xbase syntax of a PRG.

2. Database connectivity: Performances & Versatility

Develop whatever you need: standalone programs, local network software, or powerful n-tier apps. Remember, NTK relies on the xHarbour RDBMS and takes full advantage of its strong & robust database engine.   i.e.

• Native access to autonomous DBF tables and related indexes (Clipper, dBase, FoxPro) via its embedded Replaceable-Data-Drivers;

• Natural support for flat formats like CSV or XML;

• Connection to MS-ACCESS .mdb files with AdoDB or Odbc;

• Reach n-Tier databases like MySql, Oracle or MS-SqlServer through the 'NtkAdoRdd' library.

2. Database connectivity.

3. Open Architecture: Access hundreds of add-ons

Embedding external technologies into your NTK application is now very easy by using the NTKDll layer (Marshalling) or via the NTKActiveX OO class.
By the way, wrappers for SAP Crystal Report, Adobe FlashPlayer, I.E Browser, GoogleEarth APIs, html & javascript have already been written to serve you at best. However, feel free to adapt them to your needs or even design your owns!

3. Open Architecture.

4. Backward compatibility with Clipper/Clip4win, dBase, dBXL, FoxPro

NTK framework offers a cost efficient way to migrate your legacy xBase programs in a minimum time and effort.   Thus, you will be able to:

1. Save your time & money: You only have to focus on your business logic.

2. Preserve your knowledges: Keep on using your favorite programming language.

3. Ensure a smooth transistion: Start migrating now, but gradually improve your Application UI, whilst you're making progress in the NTK/Windows learning curve.

4. Backward compatibility .

5. Portability

NTK produces GUI applications running on all Windows platforms from Win98 to Win10 32/64 bit. Also, same program can be run either on a desktop, notebook or even a tablet PC.

5. Portability.

6. Mobility, Light-weight application & Fast execution

A Basic NTK program consists in a self contained windows executable. This is a light-weight exe that doesn't use many system resources (huge ones rarely exceed 2.5MB, including bitmaps & resources). Hence, it runs fast and can be Installed & Deployed with a minimum efforts...

...To the point that any standalone program or network oriented app that uses the DBFCDX or DBFNTX RDD as default storage format, can be run (including databases) straight from a small USB key! Awesome, isn't it?

6. Mobility, Light-weight application & Fast execution.

7. Multitouch: Ready for the Future

The NTKTouch library has been especially designed in order to provide a complete support for manipulating Gestures and MultiTouchInputs APIs available in Windows 7, 8 & 10. Now, NTK developers are able to create innovative applications that take full advantage of new tablet PCs or any other kind of multitouch devices.

Pan, Zoom & Pinch, Rotation and Tap, are now familiar concepts to the NTK developer.

Multitouch: Ready for the Future.