NTKdBU - Databases Made Easy.

Make the database you want, wherever you want and start using it right now!
NTKdBU is a Database Manager for creating & maintaining XBase (DBF) Tables and Indices.

A lightweight DB utility for your personal or business needs. The indispensable tool to create, edit, print, export and maintain your databases.

Boost your database user experience:
NTKdBU offers a modern User Interface especially designed to run as well on Desktop PCs, Notebooks or Windows Tablets.

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NTKdBU feature A Visual Interface for assisting you in each database manipulation:
Create structure, Modify structure, Data entry, Filter & Indexes,
Record deletion, Record recall, Data exportation, Pack, Zap, etc.

NTKdBU feature Native support of Touch Gestures when used with a Win7/8/10 tablet. i.e. Pan, Zoom & Pinch

NTKdBU feature Native access to data & structures of DBF tables. i.e. Clipper, dBase, Foxpro, QuickSilver, etc.

NTKdBU feature Native support of xBase memos.  i.e. Clipper & dBase DBT (Foxpro FTP coming soon)

NTKdBU feature Native support of xBase indices.  i.e. Clipper NTX. (dBase MDX & Foxpro CDX coming soon)

NTKdBU feature Native support for handling DBFs in network environment

NTKdBU feature Capability to Create, Modify, Print & Preview structure of DBF tables

NTKdBU feature Capability to Display and Edit records in ListView / FormView mode

NTKdBU feature Capability to Export the whole DBF table or a record selection into CSV, XLS or MDB (MS-Access container or table)

NTKdBU feature Capability to Select, Copy & Paste records to (and from) MS-Excel, OpenOffice or any compliant spreadsheet software

NTKdBU feature Capability to Select, Copy & Paste records into the DBF in use

NTKdBU feature Capability to create virtual fields for implementing specific formulas

NTKdBU feature Capability to associate each field with a pre-defined object category and define an action to perform / to trigger
(e.g. display a picture, play an audio or video file, launch a PDF file, etc.)

NTKdBU feature Capability to Print & Preview data from any DBF tables.

NTKdBU feature Capability to create printmasks for Reports & Labels via the embedded report generator

 NTKdBU is highly
Configurable Configurable

An Intuitive User-Interface especially designed for mixed use. i.e. Desktop PC, Laptop or Tablet in Windows environment.

Fully configurable: A Visual Appearance totally adjustable. Included 5 visual themes and support for extra skins.

Fully localizable: The whole App can be localized to your own language.
Comes standard with LNG files for English, French, Spanish and includes support for additional languages.

Printings & Printmasks entirely configurable and editable by the user.

 NTKdBU is Portable Portable

Does not require any install procedure, nor use the Windows registry.
Direct use from any removable storage device or not.

Run in any Win32/64 environments. i.e. from Win98 to Win10.

 NTKdBU is Flexible Flexible

Can be used either in standalone mode or shared with others on a network.

Open to other Database Formats.

 NTKdBU is Reliable Fast & Reliable

Safe, reliable and fast access to your data and indexes.

Reliability and compact storage of your data.

Complete maintenance of your data.

 NTKdBU is Cost Efficient Cost Efficient

Whether you need to handle small or huge databases the XBase format is ideal and very profitable.

A single license for using databases in both exclusive & shared modes. No extra fees, no hidden costs.

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In order to contribute to The NTKdBU Work-In-Progress, and be sure to always use the latest release(*), you may select the amount of your donation(**) among those proposed, or even define your own:

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Note: The donation is done via PayPal, the minimum base amount is €uro 60, but if you would like to donate more, you may do so!

(*) Electronic delivery only.
(**) As soon as your donation is registered, the download link will be available to you.