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NTK-Free 'Training edition' NTK-Free

NTK-Pro edition NTK-Pro

Included in the box*:

- NTK Premium v1.14.0 Autumn'14, single user license;
- Upgrade patch to NTK v1.16P.1b Autumn'21 (via NTKWIP);
- NTK-Tools Pack: NTKdBU + NTKPrintEngine (free runtime);
- NTKMkr GUI Maker for true Windows graphic Apps or w32-console programs;
- NTKDbg library;
- NTKAdoRddEx Library + Full Manual (acces to MySql/MSSql/... DB);
- NTKReport & PreviewObject library;
- NTKSkin library;
- NTKTouch library;
- NTKTabManager library;
- One year unlimited access to NTKWIP space;
- 1 NTK-Care pack of 3 tech-support tickets, covering the usage and installation of the NTK-Framework;
- 5% off (time unlimited) on each of our commercial services, including tech support tickets.

(*) Electronic delivery only.
(**) As soon as your payment is registered, the download link will be available to you.