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      CommentAuthorTeam NTK
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2018 edited

    Dear NTK members and xBase developers,

    Once again, thank you for the business in 2017. It has been a pleasure to assisting you in your migration projects and helping you reach your goals. We stay by your side and support you with our consultancy & programming services in order to contribute to your success in 2018.

    Also, we continue improving your NTK-Framework. Coming soon: (Premium version, only)
    - NTKdBU v2.7 : major release with a brand new Visual Form/screenmask Designer and many new features.
    - NTKdBA v1.0 : a NTKSKin'n'Touch runtime that allows you to freely redistribute applications made with The NTKdBU's Visual Designer. (Including ScreenForm and PrintMask/Preview)
    - NTKCore.Lib : Bug fixes & Minor enhancements.
    - NTKClass.Lib : Bug fixes & Minor enhancements.
    - NTKRad.Lib : Bug fixes & Minor enhancements.
    - NTKReport.Lib : Bug fixes & Minor upgrade. i.e. support of memo fields within FRM printmask/preview
    - NTKSkin.lib : Bug fixes & Major upgrade. i.e New Skin'n'Touch widgets: a brand new Calendar object and an enhanced version of our famous Numeric wigdet.
    - The launch of a youtube channel dedicated to NTK-Framework with many videos & tutorials.

    By the way, we're are also working on a 64 bit version for Harbour. However, at this stage,
    we are not able to announce/schedule a release date regarding the first beta.

    Anyway, Get Ready and Watch your NTKWip space - we will make an annoucement very soon...............

    Happy New Year & Happy Coding with NTK-Framework! :bigsmile:

    Your NTK Team.
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2018
    Jean-Noel & your NTK Team many thanks for your valuable support. I am pleased to hear you are so committed to NTK! You have a great product. Please continue your great work with it. :bigsmile:
    Happy New Year!

    PS I'm eager to discover all these new features. Do you have screenshots to share with us while waiting for the new release?