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    • CommentTimeOct 9th 2009 edited
    PROMPMNU.PRG is a free add-on designed for NTK. The main aim is to get a pretty good replacement of the Clipper's @ y,x PROMPT and MENU TO commands. This Api uses the NTKRad's @ y,x BUTTON commands into a derivated way that let us create and mimic basic behaviors of old Clipper menus...

    I know, it's certainly not perfect, but works fine for me. Hope it will be useful for others.
    Anyone having suggestions, or willing to share new ideas or make enhancements on this topic is welcome.


    PS. This new update requires at least NTK v1.1.0 + xHarbour 1.2.1. The main reason for that is because I recently add mouse support for popup menus which call NTK_MouseCol()+NTK_MouseRow(). In previous version of NTK, both APis seem to be buggy.

    > Screenshot of Test2.prg

    > You can download the full project from here:
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2011
    Morning Ab,

    Thank you for share Prompmnu.

    I have tested the Prompmnu but It is not working with keyboard such as up/down arrow, left/right arrow, Enter and ESC.

    It is possible to you modified with keyboard support as per Clipper and add "Create Button" support
    to enhance the Prompmnu.

    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2011
    Hello Gaza,

    ##It is possible to you modified with keyboard support as per Clipper
    I'm very busy with my work at the moment. but yes, I'm gonna give it a try when possible.

    On a other hand, as Prompmnu is public domain, do not hesitate to make your own changes to the actual source code.

    ##and add "Create Button" support to enhance the Prompmnu.
    I'm not sure to well understand you. PromptMnu items are already buttons, no? Could you please clarify?