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      CommentAuthorTeam NTK
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2009 edited
    NTK community forum currently supports the following kind of posts:
    * - Basic Text message checking the Text radiobox (default).
    * - Source code snippet, checking the SyntaxHighlighter radiobox.
    * - Url and Htlm post, checking the Html or Markdown radiobox.

    When posting an URL, it is automatically turned into :
    * - an embedded image for PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP formats (and some others...)
    * - an embedded MP3 with a nice flash streamer/player
    * - an embedded video (from several popular sites - see below)
    * - a clickable link for other URLs (including mailto:, ftp://, etc)

    It is also possible to force an URL to become a clickable link (rather than becoming embedded) by putting a ' ! ' (exclamation char) at the beginning of the URL.
    For example, [!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA621_F3bKw] will be a clickable link and won't embed video in the page.

    Your NTK Team. :cool:

    When posting source code, don't forget to include your snipet between:
    [code lang="xbase"] and [/code] tags, and to select the 'SyntaxHighlighter' option.

    Video sites currently supported:
    * - Youtube
    * - Google video
    * - Vimeo
    * - metacafe
    * - LiveLeak.com
    * - Dailymotion
    * - myspace video
    * - Spike
    * - Redlasso
    * - onsmash.com
    * - tangle