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    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2020
    I see, they hasn't been any news on NTK for a while.
    Reason for my remark!
      CommentAuthorTeam NTK
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2020
    Hi Otto,

    Even in this troubled period of Covid-19, NTK is still progressing and we keep on doing our best to support our members/customers.

    So, apparently you missed our last post related to NTK recent updates.... just have a look here:
    (slide down until '2020-02-28 12:11:17 Info')

    Also, feel free to check this page from time to time:

    BTW, you should log-in to your NTKWip space - you'll find there a new contrib called NTKQRCode.Zip which has been uploaded yesterday but the announce will come next Monday...... ;-)


    Your NTK Team.

    Plse, take care of u and ur loved ones.
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2020 edited
    Many thanks for your quick answer.
    I also could make a nice QrCode with the help of PageScript.
    In Switzerland we will have a new Implementation Guidelines for QR-facture.
    Just for your information, included I send you my test file.
    It's possible to use NTK with BCC74?
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2020
    Hi guys

    Sorry for hijacking your thread but I'm also very interested in implementing qrcode facilities within my program.
    Just a couple questions:

    Many thx for sharing your code. Really appreciate, but saddly we've not been able to make your PsTestCode.exe running to its end.
    it seems to enter in a never endless loop after message: 'Initializing the PageScript printer driver. Please wait !'

    Fortunately we could look at your PRG and the PDF you provided. Nice printing - well done.
    However, the QRCode at the bottom part is unreadable. We tried with both an iphone and an android device but no success.
    Is it due to a problem with the PSQrCode() function or just a glitch in your code?

    Many thx for this contrib. Perfect timing!
    We tried your 3 samples - no problems - QR codes are perfectly readable from both ios and android devices.
    Well, the only issue we have is when rebuilding QRCodeLibtest1,2,3.prg, with no changes, the QRcode doesn't display any longer. see attached.
    Though the bitmap is properly generated within the directory. Any idea?

    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2020 edited
    Sorry I send you the wrong sample.
    The ZipFile with the EXE and the DLL File is to large.
    But, I can send it directly by file transfer if anyone wants it.
      CommentAuthorTeam NTK
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    Hi Walter,

    >...[snip]..the QRcode doesn't display any longer. see attached.
    > Though the bitmap is properly generated within the directory. Any idea?
    Sounds weird. Of course, i assume your NTK Dev Platform is up-to-date with
    WNTK4HRB_v116P1b_UpgradePatch20180622.exe. But did you download & apply the most recent (minor) patch: WNTK4HRB_Latest.zip?
    Your NTK Team.